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Here is the Hatshepsut Sanctuary Cosmology animation I played in my presentation at the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK 2016) in Rancho Mirage~!

Here is the video interview with Dr Carmen Boulter and Lilou Mace of the Juicy Living Tour recorded in from of the pyramid outside The Louvre Museum in Paris.

Thanks, Lilou! It was so nice to meet you.


Here is Part 1 of 6 You Tube videos with The One Network with Richard Gardner. Direct links are as follows:

.Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


Here is Part 1/6 of a YouTube presentation from Megalithomania in May 2011 in Glastonbury, UK hosted by Hugh Newman. Carmen's presentation is called Matriarchal Societies in Prehistory. In her presentation, Carmen shows images of the newly cleaned ceiling in the Temple of Dendera revealing secrets of our ancient past and showing the extreme sophistication of astronomical and astrological knowledge of the ancient Egyptians.

As well, Carmen shows images of strange plasma energy photographed during the Sound and Light Show in front of the Giza Pyramids on 2 different nights.

Thanks to Hugh Newman for arranging the technology for a remote session! Follow 2/6, etc.


This is the original 8:30 trailer that was used to pitch the series. I was not happy with the footage that was not shot in HD so my team edited the trailer and we took another team back to Egypt on 3 film shoot to get the footage that you see in the series.

It was not possible to reshoot the interviews, mind you, since we could not go back to the experts and ask them to repeat what they had said a year before.

This was a big struggle for me as Director and Producer of The Pyramid Code. I was striving for the best production value possible and the footage was compromised.

As well, with the aerial footage, we were promised a gyro, a device to keep the camera steady in the helicopter which didn't happen. Oh well. It's Egypt!


This is the official HD 3D :30 second opening for the TV series. It was made by JUMP Studios in Calgary, Canada. They have made 3D openers for major sports events including Hockey Night in Canada, Monday Night Football, several winter and summer Olympic games, and just about every international sporting event in between.

This is true 3D animation. The music is called Dynasty and it was composed by Michael Damon for the series along with 18 other pieces that are available through the <Music> tab above.




This is the original opening for 'Episode 1 - The Band of Peace' before we contracted JUMP Studios to do the 3D Opening.

The music is the first piece Michael Damon composed for the series called 'Among the Reeds'.

As Director and Producer, I was so inspired when I heard Michael's composition. Both Michael's parents are concert musicians so he was raised in an atmosphere of orchestration and composition. After composing 14 tracks with stems for individual instruments, the editors asked for more. The last 4 tracks were even better!


Here is a two-hour interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. Kerry traveled to Egypt with Carmen Boulter on the Magic Egypt 10.10.10 trip with a total of 37 people from 7 countries: Canada, the US, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Sri Lanka.

We got to watch the sun rise between the paws of The Sphinx and spend 2 hours alone inside the Great Pyramid on 10.10.10.

At the time of this posting, it has had almost 60,000 hits on YouTube. The number count on YouTube is such that you have to watch the entire 2 hours to get a hit.

A big thanks to Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot for the opportunity to network!


Here is a video of Hakim's son, Yousef, speaking eloquently about the revolution in Egypt from the balcony of the family home in front of The Sphinx. It shows how different the Egyptian people are to societies in the West, the simple requests they have, and the courage of the population as a united people.

Hakim, Yousef's father, passed away after The Pyramid Code was filmed. Yousef and his family are carrying on legacy. Posted July 21, 2011.


Here is some aerial footage shot by Carmen Boulter while the professional videographer, Mohamed Hamdy, took HD footage. That is why you see the helicopter pilot in the shots.

To get the permit, the Foreign Press Office within the Ministry of Information of the Government of Egypt had to get the Minister of Defense himself to personally sign the order instructing the Egyptian Air Force to allow us to fly in one of their helicopters. We had to be accompanied by an agent from the Intelligence Agency as well.

After months of paperwork negotiating between the Canadian Embassy in Cairo and the Egyptian Embassy in Canada, I arrived to find no seatbelts and no doors on the Gazelle helicopter. Too late to turn back!