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Terms and Conditions

Magic Egypt March 15-28, 2018

By paying your non-refundable Deposit, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.

CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS: Our cancellation policy is as follows: If the Travel Agency in Egypt cancels the tour due to unrest within 60 days of departure, the trip will be rescheduled. Deposits of $1000US are non-refundable. If a participant cancels over 90 days prior to departure, 50% of fees paid (less Deposit) will be refunded; 46-89 days prior to departure, 40% of fees paid (less $1000 Deposit) will be refunded. If a participant cancels 45 days or fewer prior to the departure date, no refund will be given, however, paid fees are transferrable to another participant if the person canceling can find someone to replace them. No refunds for unused portions of the trip. All cancellations must be made in writing via e-mail to If refunds are due, they will be issued 15 days prior to departure date.

INSURANCE: All participants in the tour are advised to get travel, medical, accident, cancellation, and baggage insurance independently. The tour organizers carry limited insurance for the tour participants. See (US) and (Canada).


WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY: Magdalena Productions and Dr Carmen Boulter and their representatives in Egypt (Tour Operators) are making all arrangements pertaining to travel within Egypt. Tour Operators will not be held liable for delays, theft, damage, injury, terrorism, or irregularities, however caused. The Tour Organizers will take no responsibility or liability for: (1) any changes or delays in air schedules, missed airline or other carrier connections, or other services; (2) injury, loss, or damage to persons or property, including luggage; (3) additional expenses resulting from changes in exchange rates, tariffs, or itinerary; (4) defect in any vehicle or the act or default of any company or person engaged in transporting the Tour participants, or in carrying out the arrangements of the Tour, or otherwise; (5) additional expenses incurred or due to sudden sickness, weather conditions, strikes, war, terrorism, quarantine, or other causes or acts of God; and (6) losses due to cancellations.

CHANGES IN ITINERARY: While changes to the Confirmed Program are not anticipated, the Tour Organizers reserve the right to make any changes that may become necessary in the best interest of the operation of the Tour, with or without advance notice, and reserves the right to substitute similar accommodations. While the Tour Operators have booked 5-star accommodations throughout the tour, note that Egyptian hotels may not be as modern or luxurious as hotels in the West.

ROOMMATES: If any Tour participant wants to pay for the Tour at Double Occupancy rate yet does not have a specific roommate, an attempt will be made to match the participant with a roommate. However, the Tour Organizers cannot guarantee that a roommate will be found. If no roommate is found, then the Single Room supplement ($750US) must be paid by the Tour participant. If the Tour Organizers match the participant with a roommate whom the Tour participant deems unsuitable, then the Tour participant must pay for the single supplement for him or herself and also for the unsuitable roommate. There will be no refunds for complaints about roommates, and if a participant cancels the Tour because of a roommate, there will be no refund. This policy also applies to Extra Nights which are $80US per person/per night including Breakfast in Double Occupancy and $160US in Single. If there are an odd number of men or women for Extra Nights, Single Supplements will apply for the nights in question.

RESERVATION RESTRICTIONS: Portions of the Tour could be considered rustic and rigorous and are best approached with a spirit of openness and adventure. Any prospective participant with a disability, pre-existing medical condition, or medical history requiring special attention or treatment should advise Dr Carmen Boulter at time of booking the reservation and are advised to consult with a medical specialist prior to reserving space in the Tour. If participants have allergies or food sensitivities or are gluten intolerant, celiac, or vegetarian, they are requested submit the details when filling in the Registration Form. Dr Carmen Boulter so she can make every effort to assist you in getting your food needs met.

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS AND VISAS: Visitors to Egypt from most countries require a Visa and a return ticket to their country of origin. Tour participants are required to have a valid passport valid for 6 months after departure date from Egypt. Travelers must apply for Visas BEFORE traveling to Egypt. Check details here for specifications from your country. Incomplete documentation will result in the airline and airport authorities refusing permission to enter the country. The Tour Organizers will not arrange for passports or Visas and will not be held liable for any irregularities caused due to improper documentation. In some cases, hotels ask to hold passports at check-in. It is recommended that participants bring a photocopy of their passport to Egypt.

HEALTH: (1) All Tour participants should be healthy in mind and body and not have had surgery within the last six months; (2) No inoculations or vaccinations are required for travel to Egypt. See: for more information about recommended inoculations and health information for Egypt travel; (3) Participants must have enough prescribed medication to last them for the duration of their stay in Egypt; (4) Drinking tap water in Egypt is not recommended; (5) Food Inspectors monitor hotel and cruise kitchens to keep food safe and, while it is considered safe to eat raw fruits and vegetables, participants shall do so at their own risk; and (6) The Tour Organizers are not responsible for health problems during or after the Tour.

VALUABLES: (1) Tour participants are advised to leave all valuables in the hotel safe, including passport, credit cards, and other identifying papers; (2) Tour participants are advised to leave valuable clothing, precious jewelry, valuable papers, and all unnecessary items at home and not take them to Egypt; and (3) The Tour Organizers are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property during the Tour including when laundry is sent out.

PHOTOGRAPHS and VIDEOTAPE: Representatives of the Tour Organizers may be photographing and videotaping the Tour. The Tour Organizers reserve the right to publish any such photographs and videotapes without obtaining further consent from any participant. Each participant releases The Tour Organizers and its representatives from any liability in connection with any such use of such photographs and videotapes. Thankfully, it is now permitted the Egyptian Museum. Note: There are some locations in Egypt where it is not permitted to take photos. Participants are asked to respect these restrictions.

The Tour Organizers reserve the right to decline any person as a participant on the Tour at any time without liability and without any obligation to pay a refund. The Tour Organizers take no responsibility or liability for any activity undertaken by any participant which is not included on the Confirmed Program. By signing this Tour Participant Agreement, the participant releases the Tour Organizers and its representatives from all liability.

AGREEMENT: I agree I am participating in the Magic Egypt March 15-28, 2018 of my own volition and I take full responsibility for myself, my belongings, and my experience. I hold the Tour Organizers harmless for anything that might happen to me or to my possessions on this Tour. I understand that no health insurance or travel insurance will be provided by the Tour Organizers, and, if I wish to be insured, I have to do this myself. I have read the tour conditions and responsibilities below and agree to these terms.

By sending your $1000 US non-refundable Deposit, you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions.
Updated November 1, 2017

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