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Sunday April 7, 2013
Duration: 1h30m

Pyramid Power
Dr Carmen Boulter
Dr Semir Osmanogich

Pyramids have been discovered the world over, mystifying explorers and fueling theories and debates across scientific disciplines about how they came into being. Traditionally these time-tested monuments are believed to be funerary structures, honoring deceased kings and pharaohs as they embark on their soul journey into the underworld and beyond. Recently, however, our increased understanding of science and the universe points to a possible higher functionality at work in the pyramids that goes far beyond that of a large tomb. This belief proposes that they pyramids are tapping into a power of truly cosmic origins that could literally provide the free energy fuel that will take our civilization into a new era, while causing us to question everything we thought we knew about history.

We are joined by Dr. Carmen Boulter, director of the Pyramid Code, and Dr. Semir Osmanagich, in an exploratory, interactive session that unearths a controversial new story of the pyramids based upon Osmanagich's discovery of a 25,000 year old Bosnian Pyramid Complex of the Sun and Moon, a large, apparently man-made structure that is several thousands of years older than the Great Pyramids of Egypt.It is Osmanagich's belief that the pyramid complexes from around the world are not tombs, but energetic machines utilizing the Earth's vibration and electromagnetic field that could be a tremendous source of alternative energy akin to Nikola Tesla's free-energy devices. Following the discussion online there will be a guided, pyramid-activation meditation with Linda Star Wolf.

In this one-time, interactive session, participants will be able to join Carmen and Semir in dissecting the mystery, asking pertinent questions and sharing their intuitive understanding of these landmarks leftover by our ancestors in a fallen age.

The video will be posted soon on the Videos tab.